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Are you discouraged by your stiff muscles or constant back pain?

Here is The Flex Klinic; A place where massage and movement techniques, repetitions and mobilization are used to relieve certain muscle or joint pains and increase the flexibility of the body.

Did you know that you can increase your muscle mass by 20% with frequent stretching?

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Zoom Live Course /
Online Live Classes

If you are not flexible or you want to improve your flexibility, those classes are for you. Here are live online group lessons with a teacher. Connect with us and you will see an improvement directly in your daily activities!

Flexibility Therapy /
Flex Therapy

Lie down on a massage table with stabilizing straps and let a therapist stretch you! This is what we call happiness! Reap the lasting BENEFITS of assisted stretching. FST is a manual technique of treatment by movement.

Private session/
Private Class

Here's a more personal approach to your goals, limitations, and desire to increase your range of motion. Get private sessions and follow-ups with a specialized coach.


Contact us

Thank you for what you sent !

Relation amicale

Stéphane, Repentigny

I feel fantastic, I just finished my 40 minutes of morning cardio ... I really want to thank you for what you have done for me, not only physically, but for your listening as well.

Rebecca D., Laval

I can't wait for my next appointment in 2 weeks !! I feel great, my legs a little less "stiffed". I slept really well, definitely a little more relaxed. My right foot is less stiff !! Really, thank you!! It was awesome.

Vanessa, Laval

Well, I'm very stiff haha, but you explain the movements well! I can't wait to see the progress !!

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